Kora Organics Clay Purifying Mask

KORA Organics is a certified organic, cruelty free and *vegan (only some products are vegan but this clay mask is).
Clay Purifying Mask is meant to ‘rebalance and renew’ skin while gently detoxing, purifying and refining the texture of the skin and leave it feeling smooth and fresh. It contains natural clay, lavender and noni extract which helps cleanse pores and draw out impurities. It is meant for Oily/Combination Skin and honestly, if your skin is like mine, this is your holy grail face mask because IT WORKS! I’ve been using this clay mask for about 6 months now and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin during that time when used once a fortnight for(in bad skin situations, once a week). On a sad note, it is pretty pricey (48AUD, 36USD) but it lasts a long time in my opinion considering I’ve had it for 6 months. I would definitely repurchase it.

The packaging itself is basic, clean and really nice. It’s primary colour is a beautiful aqua with white accents. It’s simple, but effective and cute.

Clay Purifying Mask

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to leave a comment!



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